An authoritative guide from Pressure Systems International to help reduce costs, increase safety and improve operational efficiencies associated with tires.

Next to fuel, tires have been and will continue to be the #1 maintenance issue facing fleets today. Each issue of Commercial Fleet Tire Digest will address a topic that will help truck fleets control these costs.

Al Cohn, a recognized industry tire expert, joined PSI in 2006 after spending 28 years with a leading N.A. commercial tire manufacturer. Commercial Fleet Tire Digest will use Cohn's extensive experience addressing tire wear and performance issues to inform subscribers of the best practices available to increase revenue, maximize vehicle safety and reduce downtime. In addition to the topics being addressed by Cohn in each issue, subscribers are encouraged to ask specific questions affecting their particular operation; answers will appear in future issues.

Commercial Fleet Tire Digest is published 11 times a year and is distributed via email as a PDF attachment to be printed or downloaded for your use. In addition, a spiral bound copy will be available yearly. To order a complete volume or to view current and back issues visit our archive page.

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